Jude  Welter  Studio

Doing art since 1975 .....

My art background is a varied one, beginning with graphic arts courses.  I was a young mother wishing to do something that would not take me far from home, would allow me to be somewhat creative, and would eventually generate some income.  I did get my wish and was hired to be staff artist for an advertising agency in Portland.  The days of Denny, Walls, Ross & Wright taught me the true meaning of cut and paste, using scizzors and blades and glue!


As time went on, I was able to open an art business of my own, the Fellows House Gallery in the historic area of Oregon City known as Canemah.  This wonderful location was an inspiration, set on the banks of the Willamette.  I loved to do architectural rendering at this time, and there was a plentiful supply of pre-Victorian frame houses which had been built by Sternwheeler captains in the 1860s.  Our building was restored and also offered room to include a small eating establishment, which my family was instrumental in running.  My entire family contributed to making this a success story, and I learned much about the importance of family and community.

I began teaching through the community education programs in 1985.  My students were growing in their skills, and I decided it was time for them to venture out into the world of the selling artist.  We began modestly, hanging watercolors from the picket fence at the Fellows House.  After several years of showing in backyards, we were invited to participate in the 'Smithsonian Traveling Garden Exhibit' which visited Oregon City in 2003.  This meant we were to go public...and we did!  This show was then welcomed under the umbrella of the Oregon City Arts Commission.  The name was changed from the 'Picket Fence Shows' to the 'First City Arts Faire' and ran successfully for several more years.  It was added to the long list (over 150 'firsts') which Oregon City claims.

I am happy to say I can devote much of my time to making art that pushes my own boundaries, but also spending a few days teaching through the community schools program in Canby, Oregon.  I love to paint with watercolors, oils and acrylics...not to mention pen and ink and good old-fashioned graphite rendering. 


I also teach workshops that are short-term, normally 3 days, so please check out my schedule on the following pages, or contact me for more information.

Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Pen & Ink Artist

'It's always a great day in the studio!'